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Can These 17 People Live?!?

It’s obvious Zayn, Kanye West and Rob Kardashian ain’t gonna live.


This is a list of people whispering plaintively into the nothingness of the universe, “Can I live?!?

And it’s a simple enough request, sure. But will we — the Internet-based hive mind of U.S. society, whose thirst and appetite for human blood has become as insatiable as Audrey II‘s — let them?

Probably not.

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Random Thoughts


I found this awesome a capella cover of ‘Chandelier’ by Sia and I think I cried. If this doesn’t get to you I don’t know what does. It literally gave me goosebumps.


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A Day in Lagoon School

This is how we all feel everyday at school

In the early hours of the morning, my alarm cries like a new born baby. Reality hits me like a wrecking ball, I slowly drift from my dreams and wake into the nightmare that is my life. I had a shower and put on my prison uniform; I grab whatever is in the kitchen and advance to the prison yard i.e. my school.

I stand for what seems like hours behind the only normal person in this Elysium. Seniors bark orders at us as if we are dogs; we respect them to avoid the horrors awaiting us in the cafeteria, washing plates for 600 students is no joke. We walk in a single file to our various classrooms. We say the prayer and settle down to study, which we never do. Our study consists of us talking, doing homework and looking out for the necromancer lurking around the block looking…

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Random Thoughts


I think I died doing the first method.


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Blog 001


My rant today is about animals. I hate animals. I truly hate animals. It’s like they all hate me or something. It’s like all dogs hate me or something.

I was at my cousin’s friend’s sister’s baptism and I was told to go to the kitchen to get some food packs for the guests who were leaving early. I got about six food packs ready but couldn’t carry all of them on my own so I called my cousin to help me carry some. The guests were all outside and the back door was the closest way to get there, so my cousin and I carried the food packs and placed them on a rather large table that was conveniently outside. I swear I felt someone breathing on my leg, so I bent down to check it out and was met with the ferocious and terrifying brown eyes of a black Rhodesian ridge back which barked at me very loudly.

Image result for black rhodesian ridgeback dog

Yes. You  guessed it. I RAN for my life, still carrying my share of the food packs which was a very stupid thing to do. I mean, I should have probably dropped them first then ran. But I wasn’t exactly in the right train of thought when I saw it.

At first I walked calmly, thinking that maybe it would stay put and ignore me but then I looked at the food packs in my hands and then at the two dogs coming my way like a predator and then ran and climbed on top of a car.

Yes. I climbed.

Deal with it.

Some people just don’t click with animals so don’t blame me if I end up possessing cat like features and climb up a tree.

The owners eventually put the dogs in their cage, which reminds why were they under a table!!! Who puts dogs under a table! Who!

I eventually had to come down from the car but not before the giving that horrendous beast the stink eye.

This is way I say that I hate loathe dogs. I hate animals. I hate any other living thing that does not look human.


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Random Thoughts


Today, I was surfing through the web and landed on an awesome YouTube dance cover video. Now I know some people would have already seen it but I still wanted to share it.

This dance was awesome and I personally liked the guy up front in the middle and the guy in the ’69’ shirt. Comment and tell me what you think!


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Blog 000

Hello my fellow people!

This is my first blog (obviously) and I am so excited to start my ranting!!! This blog would be more of a diary where I would be spilling my thoughts and opinions on different matters that concerns life and the world.

I should probably make a list of things to expect:

  • Lots and lots and lots of complaining.
  • Random thoughts and quotes
  • Probably (and I said probably) some advice to people who may need it. Although it may be directed to someone in my life but can also be applied to anyone else who is suffering from the same problem.
  • Some pictures of my favorite things.

That’s pretty much it.

This blog would be anonymous so I can let you know about me but not know my name. (Does that make sense?)


  • She loves food.
  • She is an only child
  • Her favorite hobbies are drawing, singing, dancing, playing instruments like the piano and the violin, reading, taking pictures, eating and sleeping.
  • She is from AFRICA! Nigeria.
  • She is very friendly
  • She loves watching T.V.
  • She has black natural hair
  • She has long dark brown hair
  • She has light brown skin
  • Her father is, well….
  • Her mother is a wonderful woman who treats her wonderfully
  • She has a very large extended family
  • She is hungry (like right now)
  • She is going to eat and probably will forget to update this post because of the food that is calling her name.

She is signing out now…


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